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One Foot in the Grave
Where's the Money?
Written By Atticus Evil Art by Kong Wen Yi
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On 11:30 pm, October 15th 2012, a black gangster waits in his car in the rain. Listening to the opening music on his CD player, his face has a tribal tattoo. He sits in a black Lincoln Continental in a parking lot of a dilapidated China Town in Washington DC. The Chinese restaurant has a large neon sign and through its window BLONDIE, DESTINY and RAT gambling as they play mahjong.

Another gangster car drives into the other side of the parking. Two black gangsters get out of the car and walk toward the restaurant. The gangster with the face tattoo also gets out of his car and walks toward the other two as if to confront them. Each gangster takes out a gun and cambers a round. They rush in the Chinese restaurant firing their guns. Another black gangster, RAT, comes crashing through the front window with a Chinese take-away container filled with chopsticks and money in his left hand and a gun in his right. He looks around, runs off screen there is the sound of a car ignition and the song "play that funky music." Women scream from inside the restaurant. The TATTOOED GANGSTER stumbles out of the front door wounded and shoots at the car as it drives off. He then collapses on the sidewalk.

A blonde white man, BLONDIE, searches the table and floor, but stands empty handed. He looks out the broken window after RAT. A police siren goes off and a deputy sheriff’s car pulls up. BLONDIE exits the restaurant out the back. A deputy sheriff, ANGEL, gets out of his car steps over the black gangster picking up his gun goes into the restaurant where a mix of Chinese and English is heard as the patrons explain what happened. ANGEL leaves the restaurant with a bag of drugs and drives off. The gangster with the face tattoo stands and limps b

A screen play.

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