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Don't Push Me
What happend at the Party??
Written by Atticus Evil Art by Kong Wen Yi
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The sun is bright with strips of white clouds floating in a blue sky. Its the last day of school before spring break. The class is exploding with excitement and ready to leave. You are the only one not chatting on a phone when the bell rings. All the other students in your class are already planning their vacations, afternoons at the beach, road trips, and parties—with each of them competing to see whose vacation attracts the most popular students.

But for you, at a new school where you barely know anyone, it’s not a party you are looking forward to but time alone, an over-abundance of free time, for nothing but gaming and reading the stack of comics that's sitting on your bedside table.

“Be safe, kids,” your teacher says, adjusting her glasses. “Don’t get caught up in a hormonal fever this spring break. Oh and…” Your teacher points at you as she tries to remember your name.

“Constantine,” you remind her.

“Yes, that’s right, Constantine. Here is a SAT study guide. You should catch up with the rest of the class while you have some free time.”

You try not to frown as you stuff the study guide into your backpack and hurry out of class into the hallway were Caitlin jumps out at you.

“Did your teacher actually say hormonal fever?” she asks, with a large grin.

A choose your own adventure game.

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